Rashtriya Jan Sangh Party  hold true loyalty and Reverence to the indian constitution while the party is in the constitutional religion  socialism expresses its faith in values and principles The party is determined to maintain the beauty of secularism and democracy in society. At the same time. it is clear the party that it is the duty of every citizen of the country to be contribute to the promotion of indias sovereignty. unity and intergrity. Rashtriya Jan Sangh Party considers india. sovereignty unity and integrity as paramount to any political agendas .

The party is determined to build a liberal and developed india which is based on the values of our freedom struggle and gandhian principles in this entire process the party will give special emphasis on incorporating society and economically backward classes in the special context of the newly changing india. The party will give a new dimension to the struggle of social justice fighting and social justice. Struggle against none quality giving priority to economic and social equality by giving special opportunity to the under privileged and minorities .

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